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Mike 8.2.2023 9:59.08

Great hoodie :) Thanks for the fast delivery :)

Roli 1.6.2022 13:11.00

Stílusos farmer, az öv, ing és a pólók nagyon extrák. Köszönöm

Tom 1.6.2022 13:08.47

Great jeans. nice T-shirt. thank you

SmurfUK 6.6.2018 14:30.57

Oh wow, ordered the cheeky "Queen" t-shirt which is apparently indefinitely held in British customs! Apparently money laundering, drug supply and street violence is all fine by HMG, but not upsetting Her Maj! Escape the bureaucracy though and delivery is quicker than within the UK, less than 48 hours!

John, Ireland 3.8.2016 0:13.17

Great T-shirts, thanks for the fast delivery. See you soon

Joseph Perry USA 20.6.2014 23:00.00

I love my shirt and the shipping fee was great. Fast shipping and great customer service. I have recommended others to this store

Péter 10.10.2013 23:00.00

Köszi a szép pólókat és a farmer is nagyon jó és kényelmes. Üdv. Peti

Sonja 5.7.2013 23:00.00

:-))Hi, thanks for the wonderful t-shirt, Danke sehr

Werner 17.6.2013 23:00.00

Thank you guys for the stylish T-shirts. Perfect secure payments through paypal creditcard. Hope to see u soon

Simona 17.6.2013 23:00.00

Thank you for the timely delivery, tshirts are great. I hope it will be even more goods. Have a nice day

Rocco 8.3.2013 23:00.00

Thanks so much I am waiting for more coooool T-shirts.

kevin 8.3.2013 23:00.00

thanx for the fast delivery to Brazil and amazing jeans to have:-)

Ricco 21.2.2013 23:00.00

Cool T shirts :)). thank u I want to order more of Deputamadre thirts. See u soon ;-)

Sandra, Germany 13.2.2013 23:00.00

amazing jeans nd high quality Hardsoda, Deputamadre tshirts, thanx for a fast delivery:-)

David, Italy 10.2.2013 23:00.00

Cool site thanks for your order. Everything is is well.

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