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Our shop is located on the Jókaiho street which is the busiest part of the city of Komárno. By selling the branded clothes we have been engaged for almost 18 years. We sell through ​​Multibrand, which means that we offer more high quality fashion brands as well as the Italian brand Deputamadre69, Cipo and Baxx, Hardsoda and other , (Semco, Rivaldi, Hollister, Red Bridge, Razzia, Mondo). Our business operates from May 2001. We will be glad if you visit us personally. Currently we have in the spring / summer 2019 collection stylish T-shirts, sweatshirts by brands, Deputamadre, Hardsoda and Cipo & Baxx. Stylish jeans, shirts and shorts from Cipo & Baxx can not be missed in our offer. We are refreshing the goods weekly, so it is worth to follow us - there is always something more stylish and new available ..

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