Terms and conditions

Before proceeding the orders read the terms and conditions!

Before proceeding the orders read the terms and conditions!

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How to order

Ordering goods can be made online directly on our website. If this method is not suitable for you, you can send the order as a regular e-mail to our e-mail address info@absolute.sk, giving the exact code, name, size of the goods, number of pieces, your exact address and telephone number. In case of doubt, please contact us via e-mail or phone number on which will be glad to answer your questions. The condition for the validity of the order is marked complete all mandatory information in the order form. The order is also a draft contract, the conclusion of which the seller does not require confirm the order and contract begins from the the actual delivery of the goods. After sending your order we will send you a confirmation of the order.


Responsibilities of the seller

We agree to customers providing:

- The type and quantity of goods in the purchase price for the payment terms that apply on the day of dispatching the order.
- Goods which complies with the EU standards, rules and regulations applicable in the territory of the Slovak Republic.
- Goods will be well packaged to avoid damage during shipment.

We are not responsible for:

- Delayed delivery of goods caused by a fault misstated the address of the recipient..
- The range of goods by a customer. If, after receipt of the shipment the customer finds that the product already has or does not comply with its wishes. Such goods can not be considered as legitimate complaint.

- banned or restricted goods [THIS IS THE BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY], which are considered unacceptable for entry into the target country

There are certain goods that are not allowed to have sent to some countries under any circumstances, and some goods are restricted. Every country has it's own list of restricted photos (including photo prints on T-shirts). This is to protect the certain country from crime, pests and diseases. Find out more about what goods are banned or restricted, by asking your custom authorities.

Responsibilities of the buyer

The buyer undertakes to:

- Ordered goods take over, check the integrity of the packaging by case of any defects inform us without delay.
- To pay the purchase price by terms of payment conditions applicable at the date of dispatching the order.
- When the customer does not take over the delivery at the first delivery, and requires re-delivery of the goods is obliged to pay the costs of the first and re-delivery of the goods.

- be aware of the payment of customs duties and other charges when the consignment enters the destination country ( orders outside of EU).

Prices of goods are charged by contract. Prices shown on our website are correct at the time of ordering. Seller reserves the right of typographical errors.

The purchase price will be considered as paid until the full purchase price is credited to the seller's checking account or by paying cash on delivery. Seller reserves title to the goods until full payment of the purchase price is made. To price of goods will be added a postage under other provisions of our terms and conditions.

Delivery terms

The orders are equiped continuously at once. The approximate dispatch time for clothing and accessories are 3 working days. All ordered goods will be sent simultaneously by our terms and conditions. Orders are sent at the same time - i.e. expedition for the entire order should be counted according to the product with the longest time of of the expedition. However, it may be that despite our best efforts, the chosen product is temporarily or permanently out of stock. In this case, we will promptly notify on the contact you entered in e-mail address. If you decide to order a product, do so before 10.00 a.m. following dispatch from your previous order. Reordered goods will then be sent together with the first order. Waiting period of the shipments on the your post office is 3 to 5 days.( in the case of cash on delivery) After this period the shipment is sent back to our address. In case of refusal of the lot during that period, the customer is required to pay damages that is. costs for undelivered goods!


Delivery time

Delivery time for clothes is within 3 days after receiving the order, in the supplementary goods, delivery time may be up to 10 days. This deadline is marginal, usually goods will arrive within 7 working days. Each order we try to arrange as soon as possible. In exceptional cases, the delivery time may be extended due to failure to deliver of goods from our supplier. About the change of the delivery time we will inform you by e-mail. In the event that ordered goods will be sent in accordance with the aforementioned delivery period, we announce an expected delivery date by requesting your approval. If you order goods which is sold out by our supplier, or for any reason has withdrawn from the sale, and has not informed us about it ,immediately after this fact we will contact you (e-mail). Upon completion of orders of each customer is informed that the order was sent. The status of your order, you can also look after registration. If you do not receive a shipment after 2 weeks, it is recommended to inquire us by phone or by email. Sometimes happens that customers do not get post notification about delivery.

Method of delivery

The ordered goods are sent by mail (courier). For each order we attach a document for the sale, which serves as a delivery note. For orders from abroad we arrange in advance the conditions and method of delivery and payment.


When ordering you will be charged postage costs in the amount of € 6,50 (up to 500g), € 14,90 (up to 1 kg), € 18,90 (over 1 kg)

When ordering abroad (transfer payment in advance), we calculate the postage individually by weight of the shipments by a countries to which the shipment is dispatched. When paying with credit cards VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover (PayPal) just select the option for services for cashless online payment PayPal.

The warranty period

For the sold goods, unless otherwise stated, is provided the legal warranty period of 24 months. The attached document for the sale serves as a delivery warranty. The warranty period begins on the date when it is forwarded to courier service. The rights obligations of the buyer are governed by the Civil Code. This warranty may be applied at mail address of the www.absolute.sk webshop. For maintenance and use of goods, follow the instructions for use maintenance.

Order Cancellation

If, after submitting your order until 10.00 a.m. of the following day, you find that your ordered goods does not satisfy you, or you made a mistake in the order, you can cancel the order without giving a reason. To cancel, send us to the address info@absolute.sk a cancellation. By return, we will send you a confirmation of the cancellation.


Return policy / Termination the order

The buyer is entitled, without giving any reason, cancel the contract within 30 days of taking over the goods, or from conclusion of the contract for the provision of services.
The procedure for return policy - should be sent a cancellationwithdrawal from sale. Customers can choose from other goods which will be sent without the cost of the postage or can request  by mail to the contact address info@absolute.sk. an information about the a chargeback. - in this case it is necessary to send an e-mail with a bank account number. For all returned goods will send you the money back by money transfer within 14 days!


In accordance with the law, the purchaser during the 14 days after receiving the goods, without any reason can return the goods, only unused, undamaged and in original packaging. Pursuant to § 7 of the Law about Consumer Protection Selling and Distance Selling Act (Act no. 102/2014 Coll.) it is possible to return the goods without giving any reason within 30 days.

Goods can be sent by the post or a courier to the address of the seller (no cash on delivery - will not be accepted) to:

Karol Bohil
Jókaiho 41
94501 Komárno




Prior to accepting the shipments and payment from post or courier, have a place check whether the shipment is damaged or not. In the case of extensive damage (torn packaging, deformation other extensive damage), we recommend not to accept damage shipment, it can happen that employees on post, damage shipment by improper handling. For received damaged shipments, we do not accept complaints. In that case that your package arrived damaged and you have not accepted it, inform us about it by e-mail. In this case, we will send a new shipment.

Claim applies only to:

- Proven manufacturing defects caused by the manufacturer which were detected immediately after the delivery of goods or during its use

The complaint does not apply to:

- defects caused by users during a normal use of the goods


Complaint Procedure

If you want your complaint to be accepted, it is necessary to observe a few rules:
To accept your complaint it is necessary to observe a few rules:
After receiving the products, review them and the document of sale. If you find defects during receiving, it is your responsibility to tell us the facts via e-mail no later than 3 days from taking over the products.
If your products does not satisfy you, you must first send the products at your own expense to our address along with the reason of the claim. Do not forget to attach a copy of the sale document and the courier counterfoil. Claimed goods can be exchanged for another of your choice, or we will refund your money back. Shipping and other fees will not be returned. Product damaging in transit is a result of the failure to recognize the claim. Products should be sent either as a package or as registered mail letter. By sending goods back as a cash on delivery - the shipment will not be accepted !

Duration of complaint settlement

Claims we handle on working days via e-mail or telephone. The claim procedure begins on the day of receiving the claimed goods by seller and ending on the date the resolved complaint was sent to the buyer. About a legitimacy of the claim we will decide within 3 working days of receiving the claimed goods. As a result we will inform you by e-mail, unless otherwise agreed. Eligible complaint, including the removal of defects will be processed at our expense promptly within 30 calendar days from the date of complaint procedure. In the case of unauthorized claim the goods will be returned to the buyer with the opinion.

Privacy Policy

In order to process your order, we need to save your personal information. The provision of data is voluntary from your side. By completing the order form, you agree by using, processing and storing your personal information in our database. Whenever you have the right to withdraw this consent in writing.

Statement of Personal Data Protection

Information that you provide us via the order form are used solely for the needs of providing a specific service and will not be provided to third persons or otherwise commercially utilized.

Final clauses

Rights of the Customer in relation to the seller under the Law on Consumer Protection no. 634/1992 Coll. as amended the legislation remain untouched by these conditions. The seller or buyer is not liable for delay in fulfilling of its obligations under these conditions if such delay was caused by circumstances excluding responsibility and that party has the right for a proportionate extension of the deadline in fulfilling their obligations.

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