Cipo & Baxx jogging set

Cipo & Baxx jogging set


high quality cotton - elastic sweatpants made of black material with two zippered pockets and a white inscriptions " CIPO & BAXX " on the sides. Super technology, comfortable, at the back with pocket and a string. The sweatpants have a stylish tapered bottom (slim fit), with a rubber band at the bottom. Length 34. 72 % cotton 22 % polyester 6 % elastane. Extravagant and COOL. stylish black sweatshirt with hood, made of cotton with zipper fastening. On the edge of the hood and at the front it is decorated with the inscription "CIPO & BAXX". With three zippered pockets on the front. The extravagant style adds the special uniqueness of sweatshirt. Very comfortable cotton material. 72 % cotton 22 % polyester 6 % elastane, Beautiful, stylish, color matched COOL !

99,90 € incl. VAT

Brand: Cipo & Baxx



The exact dimensions of sizes we provide on infoline +421905628700 !

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